My works


I start from a simple wooden box, covered with plaster and glue that are the basis for painting. At the first step I proceed to affect the decoration using a burin tip. The incision thus obtained will then be decorated to get the effect of different marble types.

Basic marbles are made through several layers of colors, such as in a Florentine tri-color decoration composed of pink, green and white marbles.

In the example of tri-color decoration, the effect of the white marble is given by a color acrylic very diluted and the background of green marble serves to create the veins. Fifteen layers of color are carried out. Each layer has to be dry before giving a coat of shellac to crystallize the color, then proceeding with the next step. Finally, a water paint is passed to protect the decoration.


The incision of the decoration is the starting point and the realization follows for subsequent phases. Lighter woods are painted first and then gradual darker ones follow. Works are painted with special inks such as stains used by carpenters. Then, a special brush gives the grain of the wood, with successive coats of shellac that isolate a layer of color from the next.